Growing Plumbago

Plumbago is a tender perennial shrub with beautiful blue flowers that blossoms from July to winter season. This plant grows easily in hot and dry condition; in fact, it is drought-tolerant and likes the heat. However, if you are living in a cold area and still want to plant Plumbago, you just have to use a container that can be moved into a greenhouse or storage in the winter. Here are the steps on how you can plant your own Plumbago shrubs.

Things that you need:

  1. Plumbago plant or Plumbago auriculata
  2. a shovel
  3. water
  4. a sunny spot in your yard that will accommodate the plumbago shrubs into your landscape


  1. First, find a spot in your landscape can place a woody shrub at size of three feet tall and five feet wide. The area should receive ample sun rays and toward the back of the flower bed since it will grow large.
  2. You can plant your plumbago auriculata in about any soil and mulch around it. You can use some root stimulator to keep your plumbago blooming if it is in blooming season.
  3. Water your shrub until it gets acclimated to the new home. When it grows, there should be boughs or long leafy branches coming from the center of the plant to the ground. Because of its shrubby physical, this plant makes a suitable hideaway for the tiny birds, butterflies and critters like the flowers.
  4. Don\’t be surprised if your plumbago shrubs do not look attractive in the winter months. This is normal as the result from the leaves will die out after a freeze.
  5. In January, you can keep the maintenance of your plant by cutting it within eight inches of the ground in January. This will allow the Plumbago plant to be full and bushy. Wait until it comes to July when the plant will produce beautiful blue blossoms.

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