Building a Corner Kitchen Nook

Build a Corner Kitchen Nook

In a kitchen, it is compulsory to have a table. Kitchen tables are appropriate to have dinners on and to use it to prepare meals such as cutting up veggies or meat. But, what happens if your kitchen is too small to accommodate a kitchen table? What do you do? This is where the kitchen nook comes in place. The kitchen nook looks like a dressing table; the type that you iron your clothes on. It looks small and is suitable for small kitchens. Usually located in the corner space of a kitchen, a kitchen nook is perfect for houses with not that many family members.

Having a corner kitchen nook in your kitchen area would definitely provide you and your family a simple place to enjoy your morning time of a cozy breakfast rather than a formal dining table. The kitchen nook is normally a sunny and welcoming place to enjoy your meal or have a few quiet moments before starting your day. You can even involve your whole family in creating the kitchen nook for even more creative ideas in improving your kitchen environment.

What you need:

  1. Table or hand saws
  2. Screwdrivers, hammers and adjustable wrenches
  3. 4-inch carriage bolts
  4. 1 3/4-inch wood screws
  5. Trim or finish nails
  6. Construction adhesive
  7. Piano hinges
  8. 2-by-4 lumber
  9. 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch plywood
  10. Trim pieces


  1. For building a corner nook, you need to measure at least 4 feet on a side to accommodate its benches and one side has to be shorter to accommodate a table that is not wide. As for the banquette seats, they should be at least 12-inches deep plus adding 4-inches for the back of the bench and if you decide to add seat cushions, it needs to be 16-inches tall. Once the seats are in place, measure the space for the table whether you want it to be an oblong, square or a quarter-pie-shaped.
  2. For constructing banquettes, build boxes from the 2-by-4 lumber to accommodate the space and add center support if your bench is longer than 4 feet. Next, face its sides with 1/4-inch plywood and top with 3/8 plywood with an inch overhanging on the front and sides. Then, sand the surfaces before attaching the 2-by-4s using bolts and wood screws while the siding needs to be attached using construction adhesive.
  3. Add a plain table for your nook by cutting two trestle legs and joining them with a mortise and tenon cross brace. Next, cut the table top out of 3/8 or thicker plywood and place 1-by-1 strips so that it fits along both sides of the trestle legs. Attach them using 1 3/4-inch wood screws to the tabletop and legs.
  4. Finally, trim the banquettes or even add an edge trim to the plywood if you decide to stain and varnish. If you want to paint the nook, you need to seal the edges and prime the wood.

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