Replacing Air Vent Covers

Replace Air Vent Covers

When building or remodeling a house, we put our efforts and attention on everything, everything except one small detail: Air Vent Covers. Many of us tend to overlook the vent covering aspect when we build our homes. It is a very important part of the house, as it is some sort of decoration for the house. It adds beauty to air vent. A lot of people have chosen normal air vent in their homes while others have gone for the more decorative look. It helps to add a certain class to your home.

The air vent helps to register heat in more ways than one. It also controls your home\’s air circulation thus protecting your family from any harm when it comes to open air ducts. It is very important to have your aid duct vent in your house installed with vent covers. Although the basic vent covers are not interesting to look at, you can replace them with decorative cover vents. You will only need to have a couple of tools and some time for each one of your air duct vents. You could also clean the air duct at the same time as well. Here are the steps on how to change the cover of your home\’s air vent.

You will need:

  1. Vent cover
  2. Vacuum cleaner
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Plastic anchors
  5. Tape measure


  1. First, you have to determine the size of the vent cover that you need. Use a screwdriver to remove the existing vent cover by unscrewing the two attaching screws.
  2. Then, use a measure tape to measure the inside opening of the ventilation duct. It is normal that sometimes the vent ducts are not cut to a universal size or properly. So, it is better for you to measure the existing cover as well. Make sure that you have measured the cover part that inserts into the ventilation duct.
  3. Check the ventilation duct thoroughly for debris and duct. To clean the duct, use a vacuum cleaner by running the hose of the vacuum into the duct work as far as you could to remove any dust.
  4. After the cleaning, look for the holes that the attaching screws were in. it might be necessary for you to insert the plastic anchors into them so the new vent is installed securely. If possible, never use larger attaching screws. But if you have to use larger screws, drill the new cover holes according to the size of the screw so the new vent is installed safely.
  5. Then, install the new vent cover that you prefer into the ventilation duct. You have to make sure that it fits all the way around the perimeter and it is meeting the floor. Finally, use two mounting screws to attach it. Make sure the mounting screws are closely fitted but not over tightened.
  6. It is very important to make sure your air vents are properly covered. This helps not only to keep the vents close, but also to keep unwanted intruders from getting in your home. More importantly, it helps protect your home in many ways.

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