Building a Door Frame

Build a Door Frame

Doors used to be simply doors before, as time has changed so did the purpose of doors. Doors are now seen as a decorative feature of one\’s home. Designers put much effort into designing doors; how should it be? Etc. Next, we have the door frame. A door\’s frame is basically a frame that covers the door. Some might say that without it the door looks incomplete. The frame comes in many sizes and styles. A lot of people prefer to design their own door frames, as in this way it will match their doors and be of their taste.

In order to build a door frame you have to determine the materials that you want to use for the frame. It can be of any material ranging from wood to aluminum depending on your preferred choice. Besides that, the door frames should also have the same width as the thickness of the wall to allow the moldings to fit accurately and the door frames should not only look presentable, but also they must be strong and secured. More importantly, one should know exactly where to put the door frame.

What you need:

  1. Wood stock
  2. Saw
  3. Hammer
  4. Measuring tape
  5. Finish nails
  6. Penknife


  1. Firstly, you have to measure the dimensions of the door in terms of its height and width. It is recommended that you add a few inches to both sides while the door opening must also be a few inches bigger than the door itself to enable it to fit in properly.
  2. Then, you need to cut two studs according to the height of the door that you have measured and set them upright separated by the width spacing. After that, add a cross beam by nailing the sides to the top for you to form its header.
  3. Next, insert a door jamb on the hinge side so that you would be able to hang the door. To make things easier, you can get \’ready to install\’ door jambs and when your doorway is ready, wedge thin wooden shims in between the door frame and the jamb, in order to get the correct level.
  4. Use a penknife to mark the area for the hinges, and then drill in holes and nail the hinge pins. You must also place the knob on the other side of the doorway before attaching the knob or the latch mechanism. You must set it at the right height to enable the tab on the door fits in accurately whenever you close the door. This is a very important step to avoid miscalculation.
  5. Then, set up the door and make sure there is a gap on the top corner of the hinged side so that it will assist in easy movement of the door and not allowing it to get caught in the frame itself. You must also ensure that the door does not drag or hang diagonally on the hinges.

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