Wiring an Extractor Fan

Wire an Extractor Fan

Basically, the function of an extractor fan is generally to control unwanted odors and excess humidity in your bathroom or kitchen. Respiratory health and mold issues can arise and could threaten the households if there is excess humidity in these places. These fans are designed specifically to change the air inside a bathroom or kitchen at a specific rate. For the bathroom extractor fan, the air in the bathroom will change approximately 8 times per hour. Usually, these fans are sold according to how much air they can move within a given time. Wiring for your extractor fan is not that hard if you follow the steps and have the right tools. Given here are the steps on how to wire a bathroom extractor fan. Before starting on this project, make sure every step is understood before attempting the real thing. Since this project involves mostly wiring, it\’s best to understand all the electrical components first before jumping in. If not taken care of or taken precaution, it could injure you, but not badly. So, take the necessary precaution before getting started on the wiring process of your extractor fan.

You will need:

  1. Wire strippers
  2. Plastic twist caps
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Wire cutters


  1. First, make sure to shut off the power to the bathroom circuit. This first step is very important as it can prevent the risk of electric shock.
  2. Then proceed to open the fixture electrical box which provides power to the fan. Locate the black and white feed wires inside the electrical box for an easy installation. Remove the existing plastic twist caps on the existing splices, but avoid separating the wires. Locate the black and white fan wires at the fan unit. If these wires are not stripped from the factory, make a ½ inch strip of insulation off of these two wires.
  3. Next, connect the white wire of the fan to the white wire splice in the electrical box. On the splice, place a plastic twist cap then connect the black wire of the fan unit to the black splice which contains the switch wire. The switch wire could be black or white depending on what color wire runs from the switch. If the wire is white, you should mark it to indicate that in the electrical box. Use a plastic twist cap to place on this splice.
  4. To test the fan, close the electrical box and turn the power back on.

To have an extractor fan in one\’s household was not that popular as it is now. Today, in the homes on most people, extractor fans are very common. Over the time, people have realized its importance hence the extractor fans in their homes. An extractor fan works in many ways. In the homes of people, extractor fans can be found in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. These common places welcome the use of an extractor fan as it\’s prone to condensation. In other words, the extractor fan helps these rooms by keeping the bad smell out.

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