Building Cheap Hydroponics

Build Cheap Hydroponics

Over the years, the use and importance of Hydroponic systems have either been underrated or underestimated. Some of us think that Hydroponic system is an expensive method of doing your gardening, but as a matter of fact it is not what most people assume of it to be. In fact, it is a very affordable way to control and grow your own herbs, flowers, or vegetables. One of the examples of a cheap hydroponic system is the hydroponic drip system which is not only cheap but fairly reliable, requires little setup and it is also easy to maintain.

What you need:

  1. Hydroponic dutch leach tray and components
  2. Grodan Rockwool bricks
  3. 1/2-inch plastic tubing
  4. Tape
  5. 1/4-inch plastic tubing
  6. Bucket
  7. Submersible pump
  8. Basket drips
  9. Tubing joists
  10. Plant seeds or cuttings


  1. Firstly, determine the area that is suitable in your home for your hydroponic garden that should be reasonably warm and have a sunny spot.
  2. Then, position your leach tray allowing it to sit above the bucket before placing the elbow drain components in the leach tray holes. The drains must be in position over the bucket to allow any water excess or leak from the tray back into the bucket.
  3. Next, place your Rockwool bricks inside the tray to allow the planting of your seeds or cuttings in the notches in the bricks. Rockwool bricks are made of super-heating and spinning volcanic rocks into fiber which provide the nutrients for your plant.
  4. Place the 1/2-inch tubing, attach one end of it onto the submersible pump before placing the pump in the bucket and run the tube either along the side or beneath the leach tray, cutting the tubing making it a little longer than your tray.
  5. Then, you have to fold the end of the tube over itself making it the same length of your tray and securing it using a tape. After that, cut a few lengths of the 1/4-inch tubing so that you can place it for every Rockwool brick that you used.
  6. Next, you need to place one tubing joist for each of the brick along the length of your larger tube before affixing one piece of the 1/4-inch tubing pieces onto each of the joist. Then, a basket drip needs to be installed on the end of each of the small tubes.
  7. After that, insert one basket drip into each of your Rokwool brick before planting one cutting or a couple of seeds into the notch of each Rockwool brick. Finally, fill your bucket with three-quarters full of water before turning on the pump. Proceed by leaving it on for at least five minutes. The pump needs to be run at least four times a day for enabling your plants to have enough moisture.

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