Creating a masculine bedroom

Create A Masculine Bedroom

We all know that it\’s the ladies who love to decorate the most. They enjoy decorating, it\’s like it\’s a natural thing for them. For the men, it\’s not the same thing. Most men like things simple and easy. For the rest of the men, they like to do things their way. For both types of men, decoration or rather decorating is the same process; simple and easy.

To decorate or create a masculine bedroom is not difficult at all. In fact, you are creating this for the man in your life then it\’s one of the easiest projects you will be working on. A thing to remember before starting; if you are doing this for the person you love then it\’s better to know well and ask if you don\’t know about his preferences.

In general, masculine style is bold, restrained and distinguished. You can create a clean, masculine yet modern bedroom by following these steps.

You will need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Neutral color paints
  3. Simple panels
  4. Window treatments
  5. Mahogany bowl


  1. First, survey the situation by studying your bedroom. Take notice of the lines, angles and sizes of the space. Consider your existing furnishings and bedroom accessories as you work towards a masculine feel. You may decide to overhaul the existing look or work off with the current style.
  2. Then, take the measurement of the space. First, measure the wall, window, walls correctly before starting to buy items for the room to ensure the items are suitable and perfect.
  3. For the color palette, choose a natural one such as tan, white or beige for the walls. Choosing a wall color depends on the size of your bedroom.
  4. Darker colors will make the room look smaller while the lighter colors will result in the opposite. You can compromise by painting one wall a dark shade and keeping the others white.
  5. Choose your bedding with nature as the main inspiration when deciding on its patterns and colors. Consider a solid colored duvet and matching pillow cases.
  6. Do not fill the bed with decorative shams and throw pillows, make it simple and clean. Certain masculine designs that you can corporate are plaids and strips, or you can use pair strips with plaids or simply add patterned pillowcases with a monochromatic comforter for a stronger composition.
  7. Cover the windows with simple panels in a heavy material to dress the windows. Do not use light or sheer fabrics and select a contrast color that works with existing color palette. You could also incorporate bold colors without overwhelming the room with window treatments.
  8. Add as many masculine details to your room as you want and can. Place a mahogany bowl to hold your car keys and loose change.
  9. It also works as an additional decoration display piece. Other decoration that you can consider of are items constructed by metal or dark wood, art deco style lamp and rugged yet defined items to add masculine character.

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