Buying a kitchen backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash will help and protect your walls from food stains and at the same time, add a more ecstatic value to your kitchen. It is not hard to choose and buy a kitchen backsplash with the right steps taken. There are many types available in the market right now which might confuse someone who has never ventured in this before. But here we have researched and elaborated just how you can do it.

You will need:

  1. Home magazines or kitchen remodeling books


  1. Start by doing a mini revision; look at examples of kitchen backsplashes in kitchen remodeling books or home magazines. You can either buy or borrow the magazines and books from your library or you can just browse the internet to look on related sites. When you have the idea for your backsplash, head into your home improvement or design centers to view the samples.
  2. Granite, ceramic tile, stainless steel and ceramic tile are the most used materials which are known to be suitable for kitchen backsplashes. Ask for samples to take home and use them for references. The references will guide you to choose a more accurate look to your idea.
  3. When choosing the colors for your kitchen backsplashes, make sure that the colors will complement the flooring, kitchen appliances and countertops. Choose the appropriate countertops before purchasing the kitchen backsplash. The reason is that the countertop comes with limited terms of appropriate materials and the focal point, than the kitchen backsplash.
  4. Semi-permanent structures are the best place for a kitchen backsplash rather than temporary design elements. However, if you still want to remodel your kitchen completely, look for the best shades that will suit your new room and the overall feel. Still, it\’s a lot of work.
  5. It is good to have variety in your kitchen backsplashes. You can purchase a kitchen backsplash with more than one pattern, material and color. There are many ways to choose as most of the kitchen backsplashes come in various sizes, shapes and shades.
  6. You can also buy pre-stamped tiles which are designed to create complicated designs and murals for more ecstatic touch. You have to make sure to have a good calculation first by setting a budget and avoid going over the budget limit.
  7. Don\’t worry as the kitchen backsplashes usually require low square footage so the materials are affordable to purchase. You can create a kitchen backsplash with a lesser cost rather than buying expensive choices for the floorings such as marble and travertine.
  8. You have to decide whether you will be installing the kitchen backsplash by yourself or hiring others to do it for you. You will have to spend a little more for the installation using the stores handymen to do it for you.
  9. You can make the installation by yourself if the design of your kitchen backsplash is simple but opt for professional people to do it for you instead if the kitchen backsplash comprises of complex designs.
  10. If you are installing the kitchen backsplash by yourself, please take notice that some natural stones are not water-resistant materials. In order to prevent damage to the backsplash, apply a sealant after the installation or buy pre-sealed kitchen backsplash. This way your stones will be safe and not wasted.

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