Making a door draft guard

Make a Door Draft Guard

A door draft guard is something that covers the bottom of your doors. There are so many functions of installing the door draft guard to your door house. Not only can it help avoid the heat or the cold air from coming through but it also helps to prevent any insects or dangerous animals from crawling into your house. A door draft guard is certainly right for those living in places where small dangerous crawling creatures are common. A door draft guard is like having something to guard your door against unwanted visitors. This type of door guard will suit those living in both cold and hot countries.

Buying draft guards are not that pricey, but you can make your own draft guard by using things that you can find around your house. You can make one of these for every room in your house with closed doors. The main doors that you need to install with draft guards are the doors to the outside of your home. But, you can also use them in between rooms in your house to the rooms that are not heated by keeping them warm. During summer, a draft guard will help your house filled with cool air and will keep the hot air out. The process is easy to install a door draft guard but just in case, before getting started on this installation check the doors carefully to see if they are well screwed and not loose. Here are the steps and things that you need to make your own door draft guard.

You will need:

  1. Iron or thread on fabric bonding material
  2. 12 inches wide and 1 foot longer than your door of fabric pieces
  3. Polyester pillow filling/ pieces of foam or other insulation material
  4. 6 inches of 1 inch wide iron on velcro
  5. Fishing weights
  6. Gravel
  7. Pebbles
  8. Drapery


  1. Firstly, make a tube of fabric by stitching them or using an iron-on tape to seal the two long sides together. You can either sew or use an iron-on to seal one end. Use the insulating material such as foam pieces or polyester pillow filling as the stuffing for the tube. Throughout the stuffing, make sure that you distribute your weights as you go.
  2. Then, stitch or iron the top end close. If you want to be able to remove the stuffing and wash the cover occasionally, use Velcro instead. The other way, you can make two tubes and use one to cover the first one. You need to sew the first one shut and use the Velcro on the second.
  3. To install the door draft guard, stretch it along the inside of the door at the bottom. The door draft guard will cover any space that might allow cold air to enter or heat to escape. You can also use this draft guard behind the outside door and also the door into the house if you have enclosed porch or a mud room.

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