Choosing Fool Proof Plants

Choose Fool Proof Plants

Gardening is a simple and nice hobby. If you are not familiar and this is your first step with gardening then you might find it a bit difficult. But, fear not as it doesn\’t last forever. You will get a grasps of gardening in no time. Overall, gardening is a very enjoying activity, which you will truly appreciate as soon as you know what you\’re doing.

Gardening is a hobby for many people. It\’s a way to make them feel stress-free. It\’s a way for them to make use of the free time they have. It\’s a way for them to enjoy the growth of their plants from scratch.

For gardening, you need to know the types of plants that you need. You can\’t just plant anything. You need to plan first and then think of the consequences; whether or not, the plant can survive where you\’re planting it and etc. If you are a beginner in gardening, you might feel a bit intimidated on doing it because there are so many things that you have to remember and so many ways to mess up. However, it\’s hard to mess up when you choose the right plants for your gardening. Here are some “fool-proofs” flower, vegetables, herbs and fruits for you to choose from.

You will need:

  1. USDA plant hardiness zone map (if you are living in North America)
  2. A list of favorite plants
  3. Books on plants


  1. First, you have to do some research on the options. If you are living in America, especially in the north, you can have a USDA Plant and study the options of the plants that you can plant in your area. It might limit your choices to plants that are meant to grow in your area.
  2. Then, you should decide if you want to grow vegetables, fruit, plants or flowers or a combination of them at the same time. If you are living in your local area, do some research on native and local plants that usually grow in that area. Search websites that have basic information on plants and the areas where they grow best.
  3. You can go to your local bookstore to buy book listing plants or seed catalogs. Or with inexpensive way, go to your local library and check if for copies of these instead.
  4. Make sure to grow plants that benefit the entire family member. Make a list of your family\’s favorites so that there is no wasting in time and money. Make sure that your favorite plants will grow easily together. Some types of plants could be fighting each other for water and sun if planted at the same place and time.
  5. Finally, make sure that your plants will grow in spaces which have been specially provided for gardening. In order to let them grow to full size, there should be enough room for them.

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