Choosing heirloom lighting fixtures

Choose Heirloom Lighting Fixtures

Decorating one\’s home has a purpose. The purpose is to make it homely and at the same time livelier. Decoration starts from scratch and every single important part of the house. Lights form an important part of decorations. It lightens up everything. Lightens up the whole house. But, even though it\’s about just choosing the lights for our home, it has to be perfect and suit the house.

If you are looking for the right lights for your home, there\’s a whole variety to choose from. Even at your local store, you will see so much light that you will be confused on how to make a choice. There are several ways to know which type of lights will suit your home the best.

In order to have the right heirloom lighting fixtures restored or considering purchasing reproduced fixtures, you have to determine which indoor and outdoor lighting will suit the best of your home\’s style. The right heirloom fixtures can complement the interior and boost the exterior\’s curb appearance. Here are the steps on how you can choose the heirloom lighting fixtures for your home.


  1. First, determine the architectural style of your home as this is very important when making the choice. There are several websites that sell period reproductions of lighting fixtures and other items that feature descriptions and pictures of architectural styles if you need help on determining the best style. Some popular styles include Gothic Revival, craftsman and Queen Anne.
  2. The Gothic Revival architectural movement actually began in England in the mid of 18th century, which is a very long time ago that has left an astounding touch in today\’s century. This type of architectural style can often be easily identified by the pointed window tops and dormers on houses and other buildings. This style can be found nationwide and the selection of lighting fixtures can include triple-arm sconces and onion lanterns that have glass globes shaped like onions.
  3. While architecture of Queen Anne homes borrows from several different styles and can include bay windows, stained glass, slate roofs, front gables and roof finials. This architectural period running from the 1880 until 1910 often includes colorful houses that are found nationwide. Indoor lighting of the period includes hanging lanterns, triple tier and wood-turned chandeliers.
  4. Arts and Crafts movement era is from 1880 and 1910 of which homes are typically built with native materials and primarily found in the West and Midwest. The bungalows of the period are typically had low-pitched roofs and overhanging eaves. Simple, made from hand-hammered iron or copper, square shapes are among the characteristic of Arts and Crafts.
  5. You should get advices on how to choose the heirloom lighting fixtures by visiting company websites that specialize in lighting. These sites can recommend accurate fixture historically after a user answers a few questions about the age and style of a home in no time.

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