Choosing Garden Mulch

Choose Garden Mulch

Gardening is a fun activity to do, but there\’s a lot that we have to know before we plunge into this nice hobby. Ever heard of garden mulch? Garden mulch, also known as landscape mulch, is used for landscaping purposes. Garden mulch is used depending on the landscaping situation.

Garden mulch is an easy way to save time and money. What mulching does is, it helps gardeners when it comes to weeding, watering and fighting pests. In other words, if you mulch your flowers and vegetables then you will be spared from doing these dreadful activities. Mulch overall helps greatly in making your garden look healthy and more attractive. Not only that, it also helps to keep any dirt away from your flowers and vegetables. It more or less protects your plants well.

Choosing the right kind of mulch for your garden becomes a major part of gardening. There are many different types of mulch as some are organic and some are inorganic. The organic ones range from grass clippings to wood chippings while the inorganic ones are plastic, rocks and other non-biodegradable materials. Here are the steps on how to choose the suitable mulch for the type of garden that you have.

You will need:

  1. Wood chips
  2. Bark
  3. Grass clippings
  4. Black plastic mulch


  1. First, determine the purpose of using mulch in your garden. The reason for using mulch is going to help you to determine what type of mulch to use. This is because there are many uses and purposes to having and using mulch in their gardens.
  2. Mulch could enhance the look of your garden. You can choose bark and wood chips for this purpose. There is also some mulch that has a red dye for a different look. For decoration, there are also some types of rocks and gravel that you can use, and at the same time they can also help with retaining water. During the winter season, choose mulch to protect plants by laying the newspaper or leaves over your garden to protect the roots from frost.
  3. Grass clippings work well as fertilizer if they are cut into small enough pieces. You could also use a mulching mower to achieve grass clippings mulch. Use these clippings to spread over your garden. The organic mulches will break down over time and enrich your soil with nutrients.
  4. You could also use mulch to minimize the weeds. If you have a vegetable garden, black plastic mulch will work well. The weeds below the plastic are less likely to grow to the surface and the weeds on top are easier to pull out since the roots can\’t grow deep. You can spread other mulch on top of this such as bark chips and to make it visually appealing. If necessary, you can use the plastic for the organic mulch to sit on top.

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