Decorating Window Seats

Decorate Window Seats

We all love to make our homes beautiful or as homey as it can be. We decorate it as much as we can. We fill it up with nice furniture. We arrange everything accordingly. The point is we do everything we can in our capacity to make our homes lovelier.

Windows are often left out when it comes to the decoration. Nevertheless, there are still many people around who care about decorating their windows. By decorating their windows, the house looks better. After decorating the windows, the window seats are next.

Window seats are the seats that can be found right next to the windows. It sometimes has cushions on or something else that is nicer. There are many ways to decorate your window seats. Depending on what you fancy and what would most likely suit your home.

Overall, window seats can be and are a beautiful addition to any home, but could be a challenge to decorate. There are many ways to decorate the window seats to make your home look way better than before. Here are the steps to decorate them on your own.

You will need:

  1. Sewing machine
  2. Fabric
  3. Plain white accent pillows
  4. Foam
  5. Measuring tape


  1. First, choose your color palate, the one you like the most. Consider about the existing furniture in the room, wall color and carpeting color before choosing the color. Make sure that you stick within your decorating theme such as country, rustic or modern.
  2. Next, choose your fabrics. You will need fabrics for the window seat cover as well as contrasting fabrics for your accent pillows. For the window seat cover, use a neutral color and bolder colors and prints for your accent pillows.
  3. Match the drapes to any other windows in the room. To fit your window seat, have your foam cut at the craft store. Cut out your top panel of fabric according to the size of your foam. Cut it to 5/8 larger than your foam on all sides.
  4. Cut two pieces of fabric for your bottom panel to make a split panel for inserting the foam, such like the pillow sham. Make the two pieces overlap about 6 inches and hem the edges that will be on the inside. Sew the two pieces together along the long sides where they overlap. Make sure to leave enough for the seam and seam allowances when cut your material to go around the edges of the foam. Then, attach this to the top before inserting the foam piece.
  5. Sew them in similar fashion as the foam seat cover to make your accent pillow covers but without the side pieces. You will need a front and a back piece and don\’t forget to leave room for seams. Try to match the stripes between front and back if you are working with strips.
  6. Finally, place everything together on your window seat.

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