Choosing the right door threshold that will suit your flooring

A threshold usually is made from a solid piece of wood for reinforcing the frame of a door and it provides some kind of a weatherproof seal for the bottom of door exterior. It also can be made of aluminum or vinyl depending on the type of flooring of the area you wanted to remodel. With this protection, it helps keeping the rain water, snow, as well as insects from entering your house. In other words, by building a threshold, you will be defining two rooms or help hide two different thickness of materials use for your flooring. You also need to take into consideration the aesthetic look and feel, plus its practicality of the materials to the area that you wanted to remodel. Below are some of the tips and information that can help you choose the right door threshold which is suitable with your flooring.

What you need to consider:

  1. The room\’s purpose either for storage or for entertainment or etc
  2. Whether your area has multiple floor heights
  3. Types of flooring (wood, vinyl, marble or tiles)
  4. Colour and style


  1. For the area such as the garage or workshop or even for rooms that you are storing large equipments, it is suitable that you use aluminum thresholds because it is inexpensive and also durable. These types of thresholds control the unwanted airflow, water, insects and debris from entering the surrounding area.
  2. Apart from that, there is also vinyl threshold that comes with variety of styles and colours for those who feel conscious about the look of the area. Vinyl materials can even imitate wood grain and it is also durable, but bear in mind that this material cannot withstand extreme temperatures and weight where it can cause crack to the material.
  3. Besides that, there is also a partial threshold or basic storm shield which is not as weatherproof as the other materials and also cannot keep large debris from entering the surrounding area.
  4. Some of us would like to use multiple materials in decorating our home but by choosing this design, you have also taken into consideration of the height implications. By choosing carpet floor for your bedrooms, wood floor for the halls and living room and tiles floor for your kitchen and bathrooms will give you three different types of finish floor height. Using threshold doors will help you handle different height between each of the area where threshold that you set in the door opening between each of the different materials provides a functional and visual transition to its surrounding.
  5. Nowadays the colour and style between the door threshold and the flooring also can be chosen from endless selections where it is up to the home owner\’s creativity and ability to create a special kind of design to the area.

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