The many choices of door knob

Changing a door knob for all the doors in your house is one of the ways of giving a redecorating boost and it provides a new image to your house. Replacing door knobs is also inexpensive and definitely helps you in terms of budget. There are various types of door knobs available in the market for you to choose from and they come with different purposes and shapes (oval, round or handle-shaped). It also plays the main role for your home security, provides style, quality look, and value to your home. Below are some of the tips and information that will help you in choosing the right type of door knob for your house or room.

What you need:

  1. Small flat-head screwdriver
  2. Large flat-head screwdriver
  3. Phillips head screwdriver
  4. Allen Wrenches
  5. Your choice of door knob


  1. First of all, you have to determine and also take into consideration of the type of door knob which is suitable for your door such as its standard and shape of the door knob, does it needs a key lock component, or whether the door knob is suitable for the elderly or children (a lever handle is much easier to use than a standard round one).
  2. There are varieties of door knobs in the market for you to choose from and one of the types is the Entrance Door Knob. It is used for exterior usage and comes with a keyed locking cylinder. It is normally used together with deadbolts and keyed locks. For this type of door knobs, it requires a key in order for you to unlock it from outside. Sometimes the Entrance Door Knobs are used for all the doors in the building enabling you to unlock all the doors by just using one key, and there is also an individual lock which requires a different set of keys.
  3. The Privacy Door Knob enables you to keep your area private from the intrusion of unauthorized people to access it from outside. These door knobs can only be locked from the outside and you have to unlock it from the inside. Usually, the Privacy Door Knobs are used for bathrooms, adult bedrooms, guest rooms and other area that you feel it requires privacy from other people.
  4. Passage Door knob provides you to obtain passage through it without using any key. This is because these door knobs are not lockable (do not lock on either side of the door) and it is more suitable to be fixed in the children\’s playrooms and bedrooms, or other area that should not necessarily be locked. These door knobs are also known as Hall and Closet Knobs because they are often used for hall and closets.
  5. Basically, all types of knobs are faced mounted with screws and it does not come with a latch mechanism. The choice of door knobs is based on the desire and personality of the owner where it can be an antique type or even contemporary design and some of the door knobs which are available in the market includes Antique Door Knob, Brass Door Knob, Bronze Door Knob, Ceramic Door Knob, Glass or Crystal Door Knob and Stainless Steel Door Knob. They also come with different colours enabling you to match it with the concept of your room or house.

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