Christmas Lighting Ideas & Tips

Whenever Christmas is just around the corner, every household would be busy trying to decorate their house with Christmas lights in order to highlight the Christmas spirit not only for family members, but also for neighbors to enjoy together the festive holidays.We all have a different style and way to decorate our place for Christmas. Christmas is a joyful time for us to be with our family and friends.

Bottom line is Christmas is a happy season and one should always make an effort to contribute to make this season even more joyful. There are many ways decorations is made possible for Christmas. One of the decorations for Christmas is the lighting decoration. The lightning decoration plays an important part of Christmas.

Not only your Christmas tree can be lighted-up with suitable lighting theme, but also the outside area of your house can also be decorated to bring in the festive mood during this time of year.

What you need to do:

  1. Christmas Tree
  2. Colorful Lightings
  3. Lightings with different kind of shapes and pattern
  4. Lighted Snowman or Santa with sleighs
  5. Decorate your garden or pine trees


  1. Decorating lights during Christmas is an important activity during the festive season and normally it is a family event of the year where it gives the chance for every family to join in together and spend some quality family time.
  2. The lights that you choose not only brighten up your house but also show the uniqueness of your house, which would separate it from the rest of your neighbors especially if the decorations are different. This can be achieved using the right choice of lights, beautiful decorative pattern and the area, which is main focal point of your house that you decorate.
  3. Always take safety measures and precautions when dealing with electrical items. You must ensure that all the lights that you want to use are properly checked and whether it works properly.
  4. You should also check for frayed wires, all strands, broken bulbs, bare wires, loose connections and cracked sockets. Do a simple testing of its operation by placing them on a fireproof surface and plugging them for at least 10 to 15 minutes to check whether they are working fine or not.
  5. Always ensure to unplug your Christmas lights whenever they are to be left unattended and turn them off when you are going to bed during the night or any time you are leaving your house.
  6. You can also try to place lights along the borders of door frames, window frames and railings in order to create a lighted appearance as though your whole house looks life a frame made of lights.
  7. Besides that, you could also light up any area which is normally dark within your house and try to use different colored lights instead of the normal one such as red, green and white lights.
  8. You should also try to place a star with string lights on top of your house to create illusion that can be turned on and off automatically making it a little bit mystic in appearance. Lights with shape like ornaments or icicles are another option that you may consider along with lighted wreaths that you can hang outside your door.
  9. For more a grand-like theme, you can use a lighted snowman that you can place in front of your house or even a lighted Santa with sleigh that you can place on top of your porch for a little different feel than the normal decorations.
  10. Another area that you can decorate is your garden such as your fir, pine trees or any kind of flora that you think can be lighted using well-placed lights.
  11. You should try to wrap your trees with some lights or even place a lighted Santa using a wire in between two trees to brighten your garden. Use any colorful lights but red color is the most preferred one because it will match against the visible green of your trees and surrounding.
  12. You could also light up your yard or back yard with simple light decorations or even use modern trends include inflatable decorations, which can be stored away easily after usage for instance, the snow globe, the crib or The Nativity Scene.
  13. Apart from decorating the outside area of your house, you can also decorate the interior of your house with fairy lights around pictures, around mirrors, strung up along bookshelves or even hang icicles lights from the inside of your window, which will do a double duty to your decorations and add more visual impact outside. In addition, your foliage, Christmas tables, Doorways or French Windows can also be lighted up with lights.

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