Waterproofing my Shower Window

It is normal for tiled showers to have windows and at the same time, it is also important to know that these windows can experience water damage. Improper waterproofed windows could cause water damage towards the windows. Although you can use silicon to fix the problem, it may not enough for a longer period. Here are the ways that you can do to make sure that the windows are protected from the inside.

You will need:

  1. Caulk
  2. Tile
  3. Window Sill
  4. Cement Board

Shower Window


  1. First, apply cement board across the shower area on the same side as the window jamb. Take a big amount of silicone caulking and apply them between the cement board and the jamb.
  2. You should use a good quality of caulk for better performance as cheaper could also mean it’s easier for the caulk to get damaged in a longer period. Make sure to use a permanent caulking especially made for baths.
  3. Then, add an extra sealant to prevent moisture. Using caulking alone cannot be trusted when dealing with windows in the shower.
  4. You can buy a waterproof membrane that can be wrapped around the window joint and the wooden jamb in a home improvement store. Attach the membrane to the jamb with a latex-modified thinset and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the drying step.
  5. Next, install a pitched window sill that will let the water hit the window to drain back into the tub instead of lying stagnant. Corian material can be used to make as window sill.
  6. To create a pitch, build up a few layers of latex-modified thinset closet to the glass windows. Make sure to get the thinset thicker than usual for easier layering.
  7. If your shower is tiled and you want a unified look, tile the over top of the Corian. Apply additional caulking to the entire window and intersects that need to be covered. Check the window regularly for cracks and leaks.

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