Making a Glass Block Christmas Decoration

Glass block Christmas decoration is a nice gift to receive or for you to give to your family members or friends. Although glass blocks are commonly used for creating shower walls or dividing walls to separate certain areas without making the area feeling too closed off. The glass block can be purchased from your hardware store or craft store, which not only comes with cube type of glass blocks but also has predrilled holes in them. In order to make the glass block decorations, you need to create a nice concept first before you start to gather all the necessary materials needed to make them.

What you need to do:

  1. Glass Blocks
  2. Drill
  3. A glass drill bit
  4. 1/2″ Glass hole cutter
  5. Wired Ribbon
  6. Floral wire
  7. Christmas lights (50-light strand)
  8. Decorative transfer
  9. Hot glue gun and glue
  10. Vegetable oil
  11. Tape measure
  12. Scissors
  13. Wall filler/putty (optional)
  14. A roll of Christmas ribbon
  15. Art decorated papers
  16. Silicon applicator used for sealing gaps

Glass Block Christmas Decoration


  1. Firstly, you need to stuff your strand lights into the hole of the glass block and leave the lights plugged out from the block at least in a foot length of its cord in order for it to be able to reach the nearest power outlet.
  2. Next step is for you to lay your glass block flat on the area that you want to do your work and then measure around the glass block using a tape measure starting from its top to bottom, back and around again just like the way you wrap a ribbon around a present. Once done measuring, you need to cut two lengths of at least 2-inch wide wire ribbon with Christmas-themed, which must be 3-inches longer than your measurement.
  3. Then, you can proceed by wrapping one length of your ribbon around the center of your glass block from left to right while its end comes together at the center on top of the glass block. In order to secure the overlapping ends together, you have to use hot glue. After that, you need to wrap the other length of ribbon around the center of your glass block from top to bottom while its end comes together at the center of the top. Once again, you need to use hot glue to secure its ends. Next, use a small dot of hot glue for securing the two lengths of ribbon to each other another dot for securing it on top of the glass block.
  4. Next, you have to cut a 42-inch long piece out of your ribbon in order to make six loops of ribbon. Use at least 6-inches for each of the loop and leave a 3-inch tail for each end of the ribbon before you pinch the loops of the ribbon together.
  5. To enable you to hold the loops together, you can use a 6-inch length of floral ribbon. This can be done by wrapping them in around the center where you already pinched the ribbon together.
  6. Finally, you can set a bow on top of the glass block where the ribbon is wrapped and crossed around the glass box using hot glue so that the bow is secured. Once finished, it is ready for you to plug the light strands into the power outlet to illuminate your home made Christmas gift of light.

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