Cleaning Corrosion From Trailer Light Connections

Trailer lights usually use a connector that install into a plug on your vehicle to operate. It is often susceptible to the elements when the connectors are not in use. Moisture from humidity and rain can cause the metal pins inside the connector to become rusty. This will make the connectors not to work properly. Cleaning the corrosion area in the light connections will help to clear the problem. Here are guides on how you can clean it.


  • Disconnect the trailer light connector from the plug carefully. Get a straw and insert it into the spray nozzle of the electrical contact cleaner. Usually, the straw is taped to the can.
  • Spray the contact cleaner over the end of the connector and the plug outlet in a sweeping motion. Make sure the cleaner gets onto the pins, but do not fill the connector with cleaner. Leave the cleaner to set for about five minutes.
  • Use small and soft bristle steel brush to brush the connectors pins. Apply with firm pressure, but not strong enough to bend the pins. Insert the bristles of the brush into the holes on the plug. Twist it back and forth to loosen and remove any rust.
  • Remove any loose debris using a canned air. Take a few shots of spray into the connector and the plug to blow out that loose debris.
  • When not in use, cover the connectors with plastic to prevent any moisture from getting in. If the connectors are often remain engaged with the plug, apply dielectric grease with a cotton swab.

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