How Hard Is it to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House?

Fleas are such irritating and troublesome not only to your pets, but also to the household as well. You and your family will feel tormented by the pesky human hosts’ fleas with disturbing bites. Many people think that it is hard to get the fleas out of the house, and they often spend a lot of money hiring pests control to remove the flea’s infestation. If you want to stay away from these annoying fleas without have to spend a fortune, here are the steps on how to do it.



  • Your pet is the fleas’ favorite place to stay. In general, fleas will come to your house on the body of warm-blooded animal such as your cat and dog. They become the host for the flies to multiply.
  • It is important to get your carpet clean by vacuuming thoroughly and regularly. By vacuuming, the adult fleas and the pupae can be picked up as well even if you already have an active flea’s infestation.
  • Use insecticide such as micro-encapsulated pyrethrins to spray on your carpets. Repeat is necessary if you want better result. Use this spray with caution and read the label carefully before using it.
  • You could also combine the insecticide which will kill the adult fleas with a growth regulator that functions to break the life cycle of the flea. Before further use, read and follow the directions carefully.
  • Clean the surfaces where your cat or dog spends its time mostly. These are the places where the eggs, larvae and fleas are most likely to be found. Clean your concrete floors in garages and basements too.
  • Flea granules are safe and effective; you can use them by placing them in the nap of your carpet. You can apply these granules once a year and they will remain active for the whole year.
  • Do not shut the rooms for a period of time to make the fleas inside die due to the lack of host. This method is not effective to use.

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