Cleaning Techniques on Molds

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When you starts to clean molds that has been residing in your house, always remember that by simply killing them is not enough and it is only the first step in cleaning and getting rid of them. Dead molds that you have kill, still having substances in their spores that can cause allergic reaction, coughing and sneezing to the surrounding people. This can sometime also cause asthma attack to people who has high allergy. Therefore, you have to be prepared to avoid the molds from recurring or returning back to your house. Below are some of the steps or cleaning techniques on molds:

What you need:

  1. Wet Vacuum or Shop Vacuum
  2. Damp Wipes
  3. High Efficiency Particulate Air Vacuum (HEPA)
  4. Use of Biocides
  5. Face mask and gloves


  1. First technique that you can use is by using a Wet Vacuum or Shop Vacuum. This type of vacuum should be used for wet resources. You can avoid the spores in molds by making sure the cleaning areas or structures are really dried. After finish using the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the mold infested areas, make sure you also clean the vacuum cleaner itself. Inspect and clean the tank, hose and other accessories of the vacuum that you have used are cleaned thoroughly to avoid the recurring of molds.
  2. When you are cleaning non-porous surfaces such as glass, ceramic or metal, use damp wipes. You can also use water and detergent for scrubbing. Always make sure that the surfaces are really dry thoroughly to avoid the re-creation of molds.
  3. You need to be extra careful when cleaning, make sure you are wearing a face mask and gloves for protection. Use also the High Efficiency Particulate Air Vacuum (HEPA) for molds-infested areas. Try to remove the contaminated items from the area (if possible) or clean it outside of your house and make sure these items are cleaned thoroughly. You need to vacuum the surrounding area of the affected area. This is to immediately kill off any pores that are already developed around the area. The vacuum\’s filter also needed to be adjusted after a lot of usage. You must always wear a face mask and gloves when adjusting the vacuum filter to avoid contact with the molds. All the collected molds need to be disposed-off accordingly like putting it in waterproof bags.
  4. Meanwhile, you can also use Biocides for cleaning molds, but this type of cleaning techniques can only be used in a well-ventilated area and follow instruction on labels when doing your mold cleaning. Biocides or other cleaning chemicals such as bleaches can be hazardous to human health as well as animal, therefore do not use it to clean molds in an enclosed areas.
  5. After finish cleaning, it is advisable to dispose-off the materials that are already infected by molds. Then, you need to place it in resistant bags or wrap it up using polyethylene sheet before sealing it properly with duct tape.

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