Creating your own closet

Everybody likes to have a clean, organized and tidy closet. To be able to have this kind of environment, you need to plan your belonging accordingly. By having a good design closet and also providing the list of items that you would like to keep inside the closet will definitely help you organize well for your own closet. Below are some of the steps to enable you to create your own closet.

What you need:

  1. Hammer
  2. Chalk line
  3. Tape measure
  4. Level
  5. Electric drill (with various drill bits)
  6. Circular saw
  7. Jig saw
  8. Handsaw
  9. Nail set
  10. Assorted screwdrivers
  11. Carpenter\’s square
  12. Pencil
  13. Shims
  14. Adhesive
  15. Screws
  16. Beeswax
  17. Nails
  18. Tools for Shelving
  19. Orbital sander
  20. Chisels and mallet
  21. Clamps
  22. Graph paper
  23. 1-by-2 board
  24. 1-by-4 board
  25. Quarter round
  26. Pole
  27. Sticky-back mirror squares
  28. Plastic pole supports
  29. Posts
  30. Supporting pole bracket
  31. Track and bracket
  32. Shelf boards
  33. Plywood
  34. Finishing screws


  1. First of all, you need start to plan and measure the available space for your closet and sketch your closet design on a blank piece of paper. Use the measurement accordingly to figure how close the shelves should be and how many to be attached on each wall. The next step is to decide on the type of materials to use such as choosing a system with prefabricated hangers and brackets that hold lightweight wire shelving coated with rubber or building shelving unit type of closet.
  2. In order to construct a wooden shelving unit, it is recommended that you use BC graded plywood or for a big budget project, use cabinet grade plywood that has a veneered top layer. After, selecting the preferred boards for your shelving unit, make sure to cut them according to the correct size that you have measured earlier to start begin hanging its channels, plus also installing its supports.
  3. By using pencil marks you made earlier for identifying your studs, you can begin to hang the channels on the wall. It is advisable to use a 2-inch drywall screws and the channel needs to be mounted firmly against the wall and make sure the level are perfectly vertical.
  4. After that, you will be able to see that the supports are quite easy to fit into the channels. Next, arrange the supports to enable the laying of the shelves according to the design.
  5. If you want to paint or stain the shelving, please do it before it is set into place because it will dry better if it is done this way. It is also best to this step flat in your garage or outside of your house.
  6. Then, it is time for you to hang the pole for hanging clothes on the shelving unit. It is made up of two brackets which is mountable at the opposite ends of the pole. You can mount the brackets or simply use an extra 2-inch drywall screws. Ensure that the poles are firmly secured because wet clothes are heavy.
  7. After that, you need to install the closed bracket first, place the pole inside of the circle and then slide the open bracket under its opposite end. You have to ensure that the pole is short enough for allowing the bracket to fit underneath it. Mark the correct place of the bracket and then hang the remaining open bracket. Then, you can put the pole first into the closed bracket and then, place the other end in the cradle created by the second.
  8. For adding the clothes hanging pole, you have to use a plastic pole that can be screwed into the wall at either end of your closet. If you notice that the pole is very long, you can simply add a supporting pole bracket in the middle which is attached to the ledger.

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