Cleaning your ceiling fan

Sometimes you will never notice that your ceiling fan is dirty because of the height of the fan and it is also seldom closely seen by anyone. However, the dust and dirt trap on a ceiling fan if left not to be cleaned, it can cause the fan to become loud, starts to wobble and can even ruin your fan\’s motor. Below are some of the easy steps for cleaning your ceiling fan and maintenance tip that can keep your fan running smooth and quietly.

What you need:

  1. Ceiling fan duster
  2. All-purpose cleaner or white vinegar
  3. Ladder or step stool
  4. Soft cloth
  5. Vacuum with attachments (optional)
  6. Hard car wax (optional)


  1. First of all, you need to ensure that the main power supply has been shut off for your safety precautions in case someone accidentally turns on the fan without noticing you at work.
  2. For weekly dusting cleaning maintenance, you can use the ceiling fun duster that comes with a long extendable handle. If you are using a duster with plastic tray for catching flying dust, you can try to place a dusting cloth in the tray which can help in trapping debris and dust. Apart from that, a sock that you put on a golf club and spray it with an all-purpose cleaner
    for example, can also be used for brushing along the top of each blade. While the any fallen dust from your ceiling fan need to be vacuumed.
  3. For once a month cleaning maintenance, it is more of a detailed cleaning process where you need to use a ladder or a step stool for you to stand and reach up to the ceiling fan to allow you easy access to the blades. If you are looking up at the fan, make sure to wear a protective eyewear for protecting your eyes from fallen dust. For a fan that has lighting bulbs, try to use a cloth if it is still hot and remove the lighting fixtures to clean it one by one.
  4. After that, wipe each of the fan blade using a soft cloth (or paper towel) and cleaner or you can also use white vinegar for cutting through grime. Always remember not to spray cleaner onto the fan because you do not want to get moisture near your fan motor. If you wanted to use a vacuum, use a vacuum that has a long attachment that can reach the ceiling fan and do not carry your vacuum up the ladder. If you or your family member has allergy, try to use a dusting cloth that can trap dust instead. Continue this process until all the blades are clean.
  5. The next step is to clean the fan\’s motor casing and lighting fixtures. You have to slip the casing off and vacuum around the motor, while for the lighting fixtures you can clean it using warm, soapy water, rinse and then dry it completely.
  6. To protect your ceiling fan from dust, it is recommended that you buff each of the blades with hard car wax so that it will stay clean for longer period of time.

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