Keeping your shower door and walls clean

Shower door such as the glass type could be such a pain when it comes to cleaning it. Continuous cleaning with harsh chemicals can harm your hand and waste your money as well. Unless you are willing to pay a sum of money for just cleaning your shower doors and walls, how about trying these steps on how to get your shower door and walls clean and make it retain its cleanliness after that.

Materials and tools that you need:
Water, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser / or any store brand version, windshield o glass protectant e.g RainX Windshield (you can find this in any available hardware, grocery and box stores), cleaning gloves

The dull and streaky film that covers your shower door and glass shower walls is usually a build up of soap residue and mineral build up from the water. Before starting the scrubbing, wear cleaning gloves to keep your hand healthy and it\’s even advisable for those who have sensitive skin. Take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and wet it with some water, make sure you read according to the directions/indications on the package. Then, get into the shower and start scrubbing the shower door and walls uniformly using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or any cleaning brand version. You can re-damp the eraser with some water if needed. The eraser will get smaller with each step of re-damping and scrubbing. But don\’t worry; you won\’t need it for quite a while. Clean all the areas of your shower door and walls where needed.
Then, rinse it well with water once you have finished scrubbing your glass. Make sure to rinse off all the areas that you have cleaned. You can use a shower nozzle (unless it is removable) to rinse the entire scrubbed surface in the shower. If you don\’t have a shower nozzle, you can use a glass of water and splash on the surface and it will do the same thing as well.
You will notice that the shower door and walls is cleaner and brighter as they dry. Even if there is soap film building up, it will be slow to appear, subtle and easier to be cleaned.
The last step to make it stay clean and last longer is to apply RainX Windshield or any glass protectant liquid to both the internal and external surfaces of your shower door and walls. The water sheeting action will help to keep the soap film and water sheet off from the shower door and walls. That way, your shower door and walls will be cleaned for weeks.

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