Cleaning your exhaust fan

If you have an exhaust fan in your home and you feel that it\’s not working fine then it must be dirty. It has the same process or rather, drifts coming out of ceiling fans. When they are dirty or have dust stuck in the fans, they will not function well. Then you will feel the heat or cold, it\’s time to change.
It is not hard to clean the exhaust fan if you know the right steps. An exhaust fan which is clean and free from thick coating of dust and grease will make sure better performance and control. Don\’t let this problem intimidate you. Here are the steps on how to clean your exhaust fan.

Things that you need:

  1. Soft rags
  2. liquid dish soap
  3. crevice tool vacuum
  4. vacuum cleaners
  5. window cleaner
  6. old toothbrushes
  7. paper towels


  1. First, turn off the power of the fan at the fuse box. Avoid cleaning your exhaust fan with the electricity on for the risk of electrocuted. Some of the fan units can\’t be removed. If you have this type of exhaust, simply clean the filters by soaking them in soapy, hot water.
  2. Then, remove the cover of the exhaust fan. Prepare a solution of hot water with dishwashing liquid. Soak the exhaust fan into the hot solution. Do not use abrasive scouring powders to clean the fan\’s parts. Scrub the places which are hard to reach using an old toothbrush. Let the exhaust fan to dry. The fan or the electrical parts should never be sprayed with liquid.
  3. Next, unplug the fan unit and pull it out. Place it on some newspaper or cardboard.
  4. Using a dry paper towels, wipe the fan unit to get the dust cleared away. To make the fan unit cleaner, spray it with window cleaner on a soft cloth and then wipe the blades down.
  5. Clean the enclosure with a vacuum crevice tool. Wipe it with a dry cloth afterwards.
  6. Finally, ensemble the unit back together and replace the cover.

There you have it! Now, you have a cleaned exhaust fan and you can breath and live better.

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