Installing a bathroom fan

You thought of buying a bathroom fan but you don\’t know how to install it by yourself? Thinking of hiring a handyman but it might cost you a lot? Then don\’t let the problems haunt you down. It can be quite a complex and might be best to be worked out by the professionals. However, it can be easily done if it is for a bathroom where you have access from above and a clear path to run an exhaust fan. Here are the steps on how to install the bathroom fan.

Things that you need:

  1. New bathroom fan
  2. Rotozip or drywall saw
  3. Goggles
  4. dust mask


  1. First, determine the place where you want to install the fan. This will be an easy task if you are replacing the existing unit. However, installing a new bathroom fan will typically need you to find a location where it can be attached to a ceiling joist. You can locate it by using a stud sensor or any other method you prefer.
  2. Then, make a hole in the ceiling larger than the finished opening. This will help to get the fan housing into the ceiling and to attach it to the joist for support. You can use a rotary cutting tool such as drywall saw or Rotozip.
  3. Wear your dust mask and goggles. Turn off the power at the breaker. Be careful not to cut any electrical wiring.
  4. Then, find a power for the fan. You will need to run one or more switched circuits to the fan location from switch location. A single circuit is all that you need for the light, fan and heat unit if equipped.
  5. Find an exhaust duct which is normally vented to the outside through the roof or through the side of the house. Install the appropriate cable clamp in the electrical housing knockout for the cable that runs to the unit.
  6. Next, attach the fan housing to the ceiling joist. Attach the exhaust duct and connect it up the electrical to the appropriate wires or terminals.
  7. Turn on the power at the breakers and test the switch to test out the fan if it\’s working properly. Turn off the power until installation is complete once the operation is verified.

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