Why do you need a solar electric fence

A solar-powered fence is the answer for your traditional wire fence when they no longer deters wild animals. The sun is the main and only source for the fences to power up, so you don\’t have to use AC outlet. Although, it\’s solar powered, they still provide enough electric shock to stay the wild animals as big as a deer to go away from your house. The electric shock should never be used to harm and only mean to frighten the animals.


  • Stronger than a traditional wire fence to keep out stronger and larger animals. Solar powered fence are not easily destroyed.
  • You can choose the level of your fence defense according to the different charges offered by many manufacturers. If you just want to protect your house from smaller animals, a lighter model is all that you need. But if you want to deter larger animals such as deer, it is necessary to have more expensive model.
  • The fence is green and non-polluting to the environment since it only uses the sun as the power source.

How to build the fence
You can make your own solar powered fence after purchasing the solar electric fence charger. Things that you need are a charger unit, posts, wire or mesh, shovel, insulators, electric fence tester and tensioners. Here\’s how to build them:

  • Refer to the technical manual before you start to build your fence. First, build your fence the same method as a traditional fence does. Avoid using barbed wire as it could harm small animals and entangle or kill them. Attach the wire or mesh with the insulators and tensioners.
  • Next, attach the solar electric charger in direct sunlight on a sturdy face and make sure it is facing south. Dig a shallow trench after making a ground bed near your charger. Attach the required number of ground posts for your charger. On the grounding rods, attach the negative lead and the positive lead to the fence.
  • Finally, charge your battery for at least one day. This is needed before energizing the fence.
  • Make sure that you make a regular check on the voltage level of the fence. Make sure that to leave the charger in direct sunlight for at least three days or before connecting it to the fence if the charger is left in storage for more than few days.

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