Installing a stair starting step

The simple and effective method of decorating your stairway is to install starting step on it. Most people love to decorate their stairway with just about anything. Having a stair starting step is the way to go. Essentially, a starting step is a piece of woodwork that covers the rough framing of the stairway. They come in 3 components which is firstly, the curved base; next, the top tread and lastly, the trim pieces for both the top and the bottom. Usually, the starting step comes in a box unassembled with the 3 components and they must be assembled accordingly. The Version that you can choose is sort of rounded on both sides or just rounded on one side. You can buy the starting step set in home improvement store or online shopping. Among the good choices for the material is the oak starting step, if you are wondering. Here are the steps on how to install the starting steps for your stair.

Things that you need:

  1. Jig saw
  2. tape measure
  3. level
  4. hammer
  5. nails
  6. mitre saw
  7. drill
  8. drill bits


  1. First, start by measuring the starting step along with a pintop newel post, a fastener and a volute. You can refer to the template that comes with the set to determine the proper placement, in case you don\’t know how to start about it.
  2. The newel post is usually cut to the proper length. Drill a 5/8″ hole in the bottom of the newel post at a proper distance. In the side of the newel post, drill a 1 1/2″ hole. Place the post over the hole with the nut and washer in the 1 ½”hole. Then, tighten the snug and finally plug it. Remember not to plug the post until all the alignments have been properly placed.
  3. Place a volute, turnout or starting easing on top of the newel post as a starting point for your stairway which will give it a nice start to begin with.
  4. Next, use a wrench to tighten the newel in place. You can continue the process by filling the hole with the supplied plug. You can also add other accessories to spice it up a little such as a volute and handrail.

There you have it, your own stair starting step. Now, you can step back and enjoy your work.

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