Cleaning your Jacuzzi properly

Make your Jacuzzi dirt-free

A Jacuzzi tub will simply give you the time to relax and to take off all the stress. However, a Jacuzzi could also place germs that could be dangerous to your health and other people who are using it if not cleaned properly. Soap scum, hair, skin cells and body oil could build up in your Jacuzzi\’s system when you are not cleaning them in a long period. A dirty Jacuzzi tub can harbor germs that could cause urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, toxic shocks and many more. If you know the proper way to clean your Jacuzzi tub then you will have safe and sparkling Jacuzzi tub for the time you need to soak in. Here are the steps on how you can clean your Jacuzzi tub.

You will need:

  1. Bleach
  2. Powdered Dish Detergent
  3. Measuring Teaspoon
  4. Measuring Cup


  1. First, fill the Jacuzzi tub with warm water. The warm water will help the cleaning process better.
  2. You will need to make a cleaning solution by mixing half a cup of household bleach and 2 teaspoon of low-foam powdered dish detergent to the water. The reason to use low-foam powdered dish detergent is to avoid your tub to be filled by bubbles which is usually caused by the usage of foamy dish detergents.
  3. Then, turn on the Jacuzzi tub. Let the jets run for about 5 to 10 minutes. The process will let the cleaning solution run thoroughly through the Jacuzzi pipes. Let the water and the detergents solution sit in the Jacuzzi for 1 hour or more after the Jacuzzi\’s jets stops. This will depend on how tough the stains are but you can skip this soaking process if it\’s not necessary.
  4. Next, drain the cleaning solution from your Jacuzzi tub and then refill it with cold water. Let the jets circulate the cold water for 5 minutes or more.
  5. Then, drain the Jacuzzi tub. You can use this method to clean your Jacuzzi tub once a month or when the tub gets dirty to keep the stains and germs away.
  6. You could also use this method to clean the Jacuzzi tub at hotels where you stay during your travels.

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