Converting your basement into a bedroom



Don\’t want to leave your basement space for waste? Are you thinking of converting your basement into a guest room or a bedroom for your son? There are many things you have to consider and before it\’s possible to start going forward with your plans, you have to know whether there is moisture in your basement, and probably to what extent. There\’s no way a person would like to live in a bedroom that\’s always flooding!

  1. Understanding the state of your basement
    Firstly, look for any natural light in your bedroom, if there\’s light shining into your basement through your windows, you should consider curtains. And if those windows are old or in need of a replacement, do it.
  2. Cleaning it up
    Of course, before converting it into a basement, you would be advised to start clearing up things and throwing unwanted items away. If you\’re planning to add different flooring, it\’s good to sweep the basement floor and mop it till it\’s clean and shiny. All goods and boxes should be cleared away, but if you have an empty basement, then you would simply just need to clean every inch of the basement so that it\’ll look decent to sleep in.
  3. The cost of everything
    You will need to start considering how much you\’re willing to spend on this project. The walls, are you going to paint it or wallpaper it? If you are painting it, are you going to do it yourself or is it more convenient to invite a professional to do your bidding? The furniture, are you going to move in old ones or purchase new ones? Lastly, the floors, basements usually don\’t have great flooring, do you want carpet, wood, composite wood, tile or others? These should be thought of as it\’ll either add cost or cut cost to your conversion.

As you convert your basement, you may find difficulties like electricity, or sometimes you may not like the noise. All these little problems have to be considered before your sleeping chamber can be ready. One little piece of advice, converting your basement is easy as long as you have one thing – patience.

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