Maintaining your air-conditioner



Nowadays the air is getting dirtier and dirtier, air pollution is getting more serious by the day, and so, even the air you\’re breathing in your bedroom might be more polluted than you imagine. Have you ever seen the insides of your air-conditioner? Or have you ever cleaned it? If not, take a look and it might frighten you. It\’s contaminated with dust and it\’s filthy and it\’s disgusting to know that that\’s the air you\’re breathing right now, at this very moment. Maintenance and monthly cleaning is extremely important, to prevent diseases and illness to loiter around your house.

  1. Cleaning and replacing filter

    It looks complicated and filthy in the inside, but don\’t you forget, cleaning it up or replacing it is the easiest way to maintain it. Firstly, unscrew the air-conditioner just to get access to the filters. Be sure that it\’s switched off when doing so. In most cases, filters should be replaced annually, walk down to your friendly store to purchase suitable and right sized air filter. Reading the manual\’s instructions about your own filter is quite advisable.

  2. Fan

    It\’s another thing you\’ll have to remember every time you perform maintenance on your air-conditioner – always clean and lubricate the fan. Every fan after awhile will start to collect dust, so start wiping off the debris all over the fan, and don\’t forget to leave a spotless fan casing! The air-conditioner fan has to be oiled and cleaned once in a few months, because it\’s the fan that\’s moving the air surrounding you, without maintenance, you might as well send your air-conditioner for recycling.

  3. Coil fins

    By using a soft brush, brush the coil fins lightly to remove all debris and dust. Remember, these fins have to be separated from each other; sometimes they may be bent toward another, so carefully use a straightening tool to straighten these coils. If they get bent, they\’ll be an obstacle to airflow.

    Regular maintenance for your air-conditioner has to be done, because if you don\’t, you may one day face a hot, blazing day without an AC. Machines like the AC are pretty useful, but without proper caring, it\’ll be a piece of junk. Make it a habit and start now, start servicing your air-conditioner before you really need it. If there\’s a need for a professional technician, don\’t hesitate to call one, just to be safe.