Using a tile saw



Using a tile saw is always a quick way to lay out your tiles. If you follow these steps one by one, I\’m sure you won\’t find it any difficult to lay tiles anymore. If you can use it, laying tiles is as easy as ABC. In order to do so, you have to make sure you know the right measurements of your room.

  1. Mark and MeasureBefore cutting, you\’ll always have to mark and measure as guidelines. Doing it right requires a ruler or a carpenter\’s chalk. These things wouldn\’t be hard to find. Using these tools will keep the line straight and it\’ll be easier for cutting. There\’s usually a guide that helps you hold your tile. Push the guide against the tile and secure it, as simple as that.
  2. Cutting time
    If you\’re new to all this tile cutting business, why not practice with scrap pieces of tiles? This is recommended to inexperienced first time users. If you keep practicing, you\’ll make fewer mistakes when you cut the real thing.

  3. Performing a curved cut
    If you want to make a curved cut, it\’s easy, but you\’ll need to do a little more planning and be more careful when you perform your cuts. Firstly, mark the tile with a grease pencil to the exact shape you want it to be, and to the measurement that you want. Next, make multiple straight, narrow cuts into the tile that end at the mark made with the grease pencil. Finally, keep the tile saw on. Hold the tile up to the diamond blade and smooth the curve by allowing the blade to grind the remaining tile away.

Well, now that you know, with these advices, you should find tile-cutting easier. If you don\’t have a tile saw, there\’s always a chance you can rent it from your local building store or home improvement store. Be careful when you do it, because tile saws can be dangerous; keep your fingers out of the way and not any near its blade.