Using your electricity safely at home



Protecting your family from the hazards of electricity has to be done at all costs. Every year, dangerous electrical fires happen, and they can be very frightening and deadly. These fires aren\’t the usual fires and they can often cost you the lives of your loved ones. There are many ways to avoid them and to secure the safety of your family.

1. Do monthly checks

Why? Checking your electrical wires constantly is one of the best ways to prevent fires, especially when your house is a decade old. If so, it\’s best to hire an electrician to make sure that all your wires are functioning properly and hopefully there aren\’t any naughty rats in your house. They will throughly check all your electrical appliances so that you can avoid accidents that might occur. This should be done on a regular basis.

2. Don\’t go over the limit
Do not try to overload any part of your home electrical system, it\’s good practice. Make sure you understand the limits of your light bulbs, don\’t exceed the recommended wattage. Other than that, the best way to understand your own electrical appliances is to read the manual or instructions. If you purchased a second hand product, make sure it is checked by an electrician so that it\’s safe.

3. Switch off and unplug unused appliances
People all tend to have the bad habit of leaving kitchen appliances on or plugged in. Do you know that whenever you do this, you usually are wasting more electricity and furthermore you\’re risking the lives of your loved ones. It\’s good practice to always check that all your kitchen electrical appliances are switched off before leaving the house.

If your plugs are showing any signs of damage or defection, do not attempt to continue using them. Cracked or broken ones have to be replaced immediately without delay as these are no toys to play with. To our horror, electrical fires are on the rise, we should do our part as a responsible family member to always be smart and alert.

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