Cooling a Home without AC

Cool A Home Without AC

An air conditioning unit is definitely a nice thing to have in your house but not everyone can afford to install it due to the monthly bill that comes along with its usage. There are several ways that can help you in keeping your house cool without using an air conditioning for example, by minimizing heat sources to your house and removing any built-up heat created inside your house. Below are some of the tips and ideas on how to cool your house without an air condition.

What you need:

  1. To re-arrange furniture that restrict airflow
  2. To check airflows at windows and doors
  3. Install heat-reflecting film on windows
  4. To provide shelters to prevent direct sunlight through windows and doors
  5. To use fans and ventilation
  6. To plant more trees in your garden


  1. Firstly, re-arrange any furniture that restricts the airflow inside of your house. For example, try to change the furniture located near your doors or windows, and do not place any furniture in between two opposite windows or doors. This will enable the airflow to move properly and the extra breeze will help to keep the house cool.
  2. Your house doors and windows play an important role in keeping your house cool. Make sure to check the direction of air flow the most into the house and when you have found it, keep the windows open on that particular section while for the windows on the other side you need to keep them closed. Besides that, ensure that there is no resistance to the air movement for example; furniture or any obstructing object can restrict air flow and movement or air into your house.
  3. You should also install heat-reflecting film on your windows that face the sun in order to protect more heat to enter your house.
  4. You can add shelters such as overhangs, patio overheads, latticework or awnings so that they can prevent direct sunlight to enter your house through the windows or doors.
  5. A proper home fans and ventilation would keep your house cool and this can be done by installing a window fan near a window located in the center of your house. The fan needs to be placed in a way that enables it to blow outward in order to pull fresh air that comes from the open windows through your entire house and keep the circulation constant. Ensure to have proper ventilation in all rooms because warm air will rise up and escape through the ventilators.
  6. If you have a garden, make an effort to plant more trees and bushes because they will definitely provide a shade and cooling evaporation thus providing cool breeze air to enter your house.

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