Having a Green Lawn

Have a Green Lawn

A green lawn is considered a fashion to have nowadays. It used to be a natural green lawn and now, there are also the fake green lawns that a lot of people love to have for decoration in their gardens. To have a lawn in our yard is like wearing clothes to cover our bodies. It is the perfect solution if one doesn\’t like to have plain soil or tiles in front of the house or to represent the entrance of your home. To have a lawn will add more features and beautify your place of stay. The thick, lush and green grass of a well-maintained lawn is the perfect addition to your beautiful house. If you are one of those people who are into gardening or simply love the curb appeal will definitely try the best way to maintain a healthy and wonderful lawn. Here are the steps on how you can improve or achieve the desired look to your lawn.

You will need:

  1. Garden Fertilizer
  2. Garden Hose
  3. Weed Killer
  4. Spreader
  5. Weed Killer


  1. If you want to make sure the grass of your lawn grows evenly, do mown your lawn twice a week if possible.
  2. Set the blade height of your lawnmower to about 1 ½ inch to 2 inch cutting height. Keeping your lawn tall has its own benefits as it will avoid the weeds to creep in and the greenest part of grass blades are at the top.
  3. Prevent your lawn from dandelions and crabgrass weeds. Purchase a good quality of weed killer that will destroy the weeds effectively and at the same time, it will not harm your lawn.
  4. Use your gloved hand or gardener\’s digger to pull any visible weeds by the root. These weeds can take over a lawn very quickly if you neglect this problem.
  5. Fertilize your lawn at least 4 times a year. The best fertilizing time is early in the spring, the early summer, late summer and once in the fall. Check out your home improvement store or planting nursery that sells lawn fertilizers that has bags of a 4-step process.
  6. Inside the fertilizers, it should include a weed preventer and nitrogen. The function of the nitrogen is to green up the lawn.
  7. Another fertilizer which is good for your lawn is the iron enriched fertilizer. By overtime, the iron that the grass gets from the soil will deplete. Fertilizing the iron source into your lawn will make it green and thick.
  8. The most important thing to do with your lawn to maintain its lushness is by giving it or feeding it enough water. The lawn will need an average of 1 to 2-inch of water per week. It will need your good care and judgment on the frequency of watering your lawn.
  9. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning or in the hot summer days opt to water your lawn in the late evening.
  10. Watering your lawn in the late evening during the summer will help the water to seep in more and it will prevent the water to evaporate quickly.

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