Decorating a front porch for summer

Decorate A Front Porch For Summer

Over the years, the porch has managed to make itself a special spot. A porch is a nice place to have in one\’s house. Even though it\’s not placed in the house, a porch still forms part of the house. It is the entrance to one\’s home and the closure when living the house as well. It\’s important to leave and make the porch into a nice little place to be at. It\’s nice to have it decorated into something comfy, somewhere where we would feel safe and comfortable to have our tea and a sip of wine in the evening.

The best season to spend the days outside is the summer months. Summer is perfect to carry out the long awaited outdoor activities. The perfect welcome to any home will be a decorated front porch for the summer. Adding decorations for your porch will make it more fun and comfort for the summer, so here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  1. Chair or bench
  2. Seasonal floor mat
  3. Dirt
  4. Welcome sign
  5. Hose
  6. Wreath
  7. Large flowers pots
  8. Flowers
  9. Broom and chair cushions


  1. First, make sure to have a clean porch by sweeping off the front porch. At the same time, you will also remove the debris from the winter season. After sweeping, spray the porch off with a hose. Leave the porch off for awhile to dry.
  2. Then, place a cozy chair or bench to the front porch. If you want a more comfortable seat, put cushions on the chair.
  3. On the front door, hang a flower wreath or hang some planters. You can buy them on the craft stores or make your own flower wreath. Put some freshly cut flowers in the planters or use silk or dried flowers. You could also put a large pot near the chair. Summer flowers look lovely planted inside the planter. If there is enough space on the porch, you can use several planters as well.
  4. Purchase seasonal door mats at home improvement or variety stores, and put the door mat at the front door. Add a welcome sign on the front door of the house by hanging a sign that has summery motifs such as butterflies, flowers and beach.
  5. If you have gardens surrounding your porch, weed the flowers garden. Add more art and fun to your garden by placing stone statuary, gazing plants or new flowers. You can visit your nearest nursery plants to search for new flowers to plant in your garden. By decorating your garden, your porch will have a nice look as well. A decorated garden will gel well with your decorated porch. This way, the porch won\’t look like a fool as it\’s decorated by itself, but it will have a better look thanks to the nicely decorated garden.

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