Create Your Own Wax Snowflakes

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Snowflakes decoration can enhance your Christmas ambience at any space of your home. You can hang the flakes on a tree or in a window. Here is how you can make your own snowflakes decoration using wax. Opt for wax with a honeycomb finish which has a pretty pattern and texture. Let’s get started:

Materials and tools that you need:

  • Colored beeswax sheets (you can find them in craft stores)
  • Baking sheet
  • Hair dryer
  • Metal cookie cutters
  • Silver cord

Spread baking sheet and place a wax sheet on it. Using hair dryer, apply low heat to the wax sheet to soften a bit. Cut shapes with a cookie cutter depending on the thickness you want. If you want to create a more substantial figure, all you have to do is just layer the shapes.

If you want to use the wax snowflakes as ornaments, sandwich a looped piece of silver cord between the innermost layers and hang them in any place you desire. Store any leftovers wax sheets and your creations in a cool, dry place.

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