Make your own Gift Bags

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A present will be extra special and much appreciated when beautifully wrapped. A plain old gift bag can be given new life with a little flourish. All you have to do is to add a few painted stamps and flowers ornaments such as what Cathie Fillian did from her blog How to be Domestic. She adds velvet hydrangeas and foam stamps as shown in the image below. Suitable for any occasions such as wedding, birthday and Christmas presents. Here how you can create your own flowery gift bag.

Materials you need:

  • Leaf motif stamps
  • Gold metallic paint
  • White metallic paint
  • Red gift bags
  • Paintbrushes
  • Red Velvet Hydrangea (or any flowers that you like and suitable)
  • Clear rhinestones
  • Holiday ribbon
  • Hot glue

Using paintbrush spread the gold metallic paint to the stamp. Stamp into the center and side of the bag. Next, stamp the white metallic paint. You can decide your own design according to your creativity. Allow the paints to dry.

To attach the velvet petals or any flowers ornaments that you choose, use hot glue and attach them randomly to the front of the bag. You can add the rhinestone in the centre of the petals by adding a drop of hot glue in the middle of the petals to secure it.

Let all of the decorations on the bag completely dry, after that add a bow to the handle using the holiday ribbon to complete the look.

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