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Stylish Bedroom

It\’s a huge pleasure for some people to every single part of their home. It gives them satisfaction to see their efforts turn into such lovely designs for the house. In a way, it is good to decorate one\’s home personally as if you intend to stay in that particular home for a long time then decorating the house is the best investment one can commit to.

Now, a bedroom is the place in one\’s home where one is most likely to spend a lot of time there. So, it is very important to decorate the bedroom well, or at least make it comfortable by creating a laid out space in the bedroom.

There are many ways to decorate and create a different style for the bedroom. The conclusion would be the same; to create a wonderful and relaxing space. Most of us like it when our bedrooms have a chic style and feeling to it. It makes it even more interesting to be in. Moreover, to have a chic style bedroom makes us feel proud to show it off to visitors or friends who are curious to know what our bedroom looks like.

Chic style bedroom is fun and inexpensive way to home decorating. You can also create your own bedroom with sense of charm by following these steps:

You will need:

  1. Sandpaper
  2. Paints


  1. First, evaluate your bedroom space to determine how you will achieve the chic style. Consider about how you can assimilate an existing space and new items for your bedroom chic style.
  2. Then, start selecting items for your bedroom. Thrift stores and flea market are the best places to find timeworn treasures for chic items. Also, you can search items at peruse garage and estate sales with true sense of history. Choose items that still can function and show signs of ages such as tables with pealing layers of paint and primitive wooden shelves.
  3. If you already own furniture, work it out and give it a worn look. Make them look aged by sanding the wooden tables, distress other items and white wash dressers. Check out various painting techniques that can help you create a tasteful appearance. You could also hang antique mirrors, old family photos, embroidered flower artwork or any decorative wall accent that conveys cottage charm. Create a rustic feel to your room by using chic theme through the use of a wrought iron.
  4. For the bed, use a hand made, soft linens or chenille quilt with assortment of pillows to create a cute and comfortable bed ensemble. Continue the shabby chic theme through the use of a wrought iron or rustic wood headboard. For the windows, lace airy and light window treatments. You can hang cotton, eyelet and sheer or lace fabric to add farmhouse flair.
  5. Add chic details to your bedroom. You can try plenty of delicate glass knick knacks into the bedroom d├ęcor. A crystal chandelier and scatter glass vases can be hanged too and together with candle holders. Add more charm and personality to your room by placing cherished mementoes.

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