Creating a Rustic Garden

Create a Rustic Garden

In general, a rustic garden gives the look of an “old-fashioned” garden. Even in a contemporary home, a rustic garden has been famous as the featured garden in many other upscale landscapes. Creating a rustic garden for your home is not a complicated matter. Here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  1. Rustic items such as:
    1. Wind vanes
    2. Birdhouses
    3. Planters
    4. Benches


  1. First, it is important to decide how much room you have to work with and what items that you would like to use in your garden. Most people choose to add small accents while others would like to create a rustic outdoor room. Birdhouse or bird feeders are the simplest items to add in a rustic garden.
  2. Wooden birdhouses will add charm and also will attract natural beautiful creatures. Wooden or wrought iron porch wing and free standing wooden swing are other simple additions that you can place to your rustic garden not only for a place to sit, but also as a sense of comfort.
  3. You could also add accents such as wrought iron wind vanes or painted window panes that are attached to the wall or wooden flower pots.
  4. To add a rustic charm, plant your flowers in old whisky barrels or wooden rain barrels. You can have a wooden flower planter attached to a window sill or fence too. Ivy plant is best to add on a trellis. The trellis can be a small size that leans against the house or make a large trellis that goes over a gate or a patio.
  5. If you want to add a little bit of extravagant deco to your rustic garden, add a pond, a small windmill or a fountain.
  6. Consider the size of items that you might want to add if you want the item to be a major focal point or only a part of the entire d├ęcor.
  7. For the flowers, ornamental grasses and wildflowers look beautiful and are easy to maintain. Fruit trees such as peach and apple trees can add charm to your garden, but attract a lot of insects such as mosquitoes and flies.
  8. Finally, add a few items by placing them strategically throughout the garden by using the natural focal points to place items.
  9. Gates, fences, doors and walls are among the natural points. Place a wooden swing on the patio and a wooden birdhouse on the edge of the yard.
  10. Another example of rustic garden composition is by placing a wooden table surrounded by wooden benches on the patio. Place a trellis with ivy on it at the edges of 1 side of the garden. The other side of the garden has either fountain surrounded by fires or an outdoor fireplace.

There you have it. This is how you create a rustic garden. After you\’re done with this project, don\’t forget to take good care of your rustic garden.

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