Decorating a Small Dining Room

Decorate a Small Dining Room

We all love to make our homes beautiful or as homey as it can be. We decorate it as much as we can. We fill it up with nice furniture. We arrange everything accordingly. The point is we do everything we can in our capacity to make our homes lovelier.

Decorating one\’s home has a purpose. The purpose is to make it homely and at the same time livelier. Decoration starts from scratch and every single important part of the house. A small dining room can be a real challenge for most of us to decorate. Here are the steps on how you can decorate a small dining room in your house into a beautiful and functional place at the same time.

You will need:

  1. Round table
  2. Light paints
  3. Mirrors
  4. Natural lights


  1. Before stuffing any of your decorations to your small dining room, take everything out of the buffet and armoire. This is the suitable time to check of the crystal and china dinnerware that you have and decide what to keep, what to sell and what to give away.
  2. There are many items such as wedding gifts that you are never going to use. So, keep the only things that you want to use and truly love to display.
  3. Avoid making your dining room as the place to stack the newspaper, mail and any other general clutter. Unwanted clutter will make a small dining room look even smaller, so try to make this as a priority.
  4. For the furniture, try to keep just the table, chairs and armoire or buffet. You can do both if you have enough room so as to pull out the chairs comfortably.
  5. Try to find another spot in the house that will be used for any other furniture in the dining room that is simply taking up too much space. If you have a square room, try a round table. It fits well and lets an even amount of space between the chairs and outer furniture, which makes the space appear larger.
  6. Paint your dining room with light paints as dark colors that tend to make a space appear smaller. But, if you love dark colors, choose a shade lighter and add white trim on the bottom of the walls. This trim adds a custom look and brightens it up. Another way to make the room look larger is by using mirrors. You could have custom mirrors added to the trim work or create a whole wall of mirrors. Letting the natural lights into your dining room will make the room appear larger so open the blinds or curtain.

Another idea that works when it comes to decorating a small dining room is to ask the advice of relatives or those who share the house. Who knows, maybe an idea will work well and works for the dining room.

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