Creating a vertical garden

Vertical garden

If you are planning to grow plants in a small space at your home, a vertical garden is the perfect solution. Vertical gardening is a method that includes flowers and growing plants that rises up off the soil bed. Here are the steps on how to make your own vertical garden.

To have a vertical garden seems fashionable nowadays. It is nice as it\’s a different way to present your garden, depending on your creativity. Think of it as a modern way to have gardens. The usual garden style has become passé now and vertical gardens are the new \’it\’ thing. Vertical garden is also known to many as a living wall, green wall or sky farm.

Things that you need:

  1. Chain links/ cross posts
  2. Divots
  3. artificial wall
  4. plant stands
  5. elevated pots
  6. wall ornaments
  7. torches
  8. lanterns
  9. string lights
  10. lights woven


  1. First, measure the space and plan for a vertical garden of multiple layers. The layers will make the garden look interesting to the eyes.
  2. Then, decide on the background. Cross posts or chain links in fences create perfect anchors for plant hangers and trellis mounts.
  3. Create new divots to hold plugs of planting material where plants can root and grow. You can also use the existing divots on your wall of stucco or concrete.
  4. Artificial wall that is specially designed for growing vertical gardens are also available, you can purchase them in any home improvement store or the internet.
  5. Next, use the wall, hangers and trellis as the backdrop for the second vertical garden layer. The second layer should be a little bit shorter than the backdrop.
  6. Create a third layer that is shorter than the second layer. Keep the plants one level off the ground by using plant stands and elevated pots.
  7. The last layer for in-ground planting beds and pots of plants is the ground. You can use small potted trees as accents.
  8. Add wall ornaments, torches, lanterns, light woven to create visual interest and round out the garden.
  9. For the finishing touch, add plant accents such as chia pets or free standing plants that grow quickly and can be moveable anywhere in the vertical garden.
  10. Other good plants to consider are grasses, mosses and various flowering plants.

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