Recycling Empty Cereal Boxes

Empty Cereal Boxes

If you have children around the house, chances are that they would most likely love having cereal for breakfast. And if that is the case, then chances are that you would have lots of empty cereal boxes lying around the house. Do not just throw them away or even put them into the stack of old news papers you intend to recycle, use them for arts and crafts projects like these to enhance your child\’s creativity. Remember playing with big empty boxes and imagining them as caves or houses? Allow your child to do the same, only in a smaller scale. Here is a great project which you can make with your child. Allow his or her input, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, to encourage creativity. Save these up in a box in your attic so that your child will have something to remember when he or she grows up. Follow the steps below to make a doll house for your child.

  1. First, cut the front of the box into half right down the middle, starting from the top right up to the bottom. Leave the base intact.
  2. Now, cut near the edge of the base so that you have two flaps that can be opened up to reveal the inside of the box.
  3. Glue the base onto a piece of thick cardboard so that it will not topple over.
  4. Now, to fix a roof onto the house. Measure the width of the cardboard box. Cut out an isosceles triangle piece out of thick cardboard using the previous measurement as the base of the triangle. Now, measure the length of one of the triangle\’s legs and cut out a strip of cardboard that is twice the length measured.
  5. Fold the strip of cardboard into half length wise. Tape the entire length onto the two lengths of the triangle piece so that it forms a right angle. You now have a roof.
  6. Fix the roof onto the house by taping the triangle piece onto the side of the cardboard box that is left intact. You can also tape down the cardboard strip onto the sides of the box to make it more secure.
  7. You can now decorate the house anyway you like. Use Poster Paint to Paint the walls in whatever colour you choose, you can also cut out doors and windows and stick them onto the house.
  8. Remember that you can open up the house and decorate the insides too. Paint the walls with different patterns to make it look like wall paper, and use smaller cardboard boxes to make furniture. You can also turn it into a double story by sticking a piece of cardboard inside to separate the box into two layers.

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