Creating an eerie entrance

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Enter and be recognized!
Adorn your entrance with these spooky embellishments and be prepared to give your guests a fright of their lifetime.

Batty Branches
Get yourself a pumpkin in the size proportionate to your entry table and start off by cutting the stem flat across the top. Carve out a small hole at the top for a space to hold branches for a treetop.
To make the bats that will be hanging from the branches, cut out bat shapes from patterned Halloween papers which you can get from a crafts store. Tape a thin ribbon at the back of each bat and tie them to the branches. Use your creativity to make it look as though they are truly hanging from the branches.

Patterned Paper VotivesVotives []
Patterned Paper Votives
To start, buy 4 to 8-inch straight sided glass votives from a crafts store. For one votive, one sheet of black, patterned and black tissue paper each is required. First, cut a piece of the patterned paper large enough to cover the outside of the votive. Trace a bat shape on the back of the paper and cut out the shape with a small scissor. Next, tape a small sheet of black tissue paper over the cutout and wrap the paper around the votive and tape in back along the seam. To make a border, cut two strips of ½ inch black paper and tape it around the top and bottom edges.

Candy, anyone?
Decide firsthand how many candy-filled cones you intend to make and get one sheet of orange tissue paper and one 12-inch black paper doily for each cone. To cover the doily, you will need to cut the orange tissue paper into a large square shape. Then cut three equally distanced slits into the center of the doily, making sure it stays intact. Shape the doily into a cone and secure the seams with a stapler or tape. Place the earlier cut orange tissue paper inside the cone and fill it with a handful or tasty treats for your guests.

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