Christmas-tising your home

Christmas is just around the corner but your house looks the same as it was on any ordinary day. No sign of anything Christmassy. Work is too hectic; with all those workload and only a few people around in the office. You desperately want to make your house more festive, more Christmas but by the end of the day, when you get home you are left with very little energy and time to decorate your house.

Fret not as there are ways to create that wonderful Christmas feeling if you want it bad enough. Here are some simple but wonderful ideas for you to try without spending a fortune or taking a whole day off from work. What\’s more, you can save your energy for Christmas!

Take a bow

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Ever notice how a simple knot on the most basic of things can really make it stand out? Go on and tie generous ribbons in any color you want to the back of your chair, bed post, doorknobs or any place that deserved a bit of a facelift. If your creativity juice is not flowing as it used to and you have no idea what color to choose for your ribbons, try metallic silver, gold, green or red. These colors will remind you of Christmas every time you look at it. If you do get carried away or are overwhelmed with the Christmas spirit, make sure when you decorate your house with ribbons, it all matches. If you are planning to use the same ribbons next year, choose one that can stand tying and retying year after year. This in turn can save you money in the long run.

Happy Meals
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To get you in the spirit of Christmas, serve your everyday meals using your holiday tableware. Take out the tableware that only get to see the light when Christmas is around and use it on every single day in December. If your collection is not extensive enough, start by getting a set of holiday dishes that matches your everyday ware and if you are trying to save some cash for presents, just buy one or two pieces first. Later on you can add on new pieces like soup bowls or mugs to your collection. Before long, you\’ll be able to serve a feast with your collection.

Candle in the Wind
You are wondering what to do with that fat candle you accidently bought last weekend when there was a blackout in your neighborhood. Instead of just leaving it to gather dust in your kitchen drawer, use it for a candlelight dinner even if you are dining by yourself; having some leftovers. It is Christmas! Every meal should feel special.

If your house has a fireplace, light it up each evening and gather your family around it to spend some time together reading books, catching up with each other\’s life, writing your Christmas card or just hanging around enjoying each other\’s company.

Take My Wreaths Away
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The ritual that most signify the arrival of Christmas, aside from the falling snow, is the hanging of wreath on the front door. This year, extend the merriness of Christmas to every single door in your house by hanging wreaths on them. The wreath doesn\’t have to be as big as the one on the front door. It could be a small one decorated with berries, fruits, photos or birds. If you are planning to reuse your wreaths for the coming Christmases, buy artificial ones that will last. Keep in mind that you will have to find someplace to store them. Else you will end up buying a new one next year.

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