Turning your unused buttons into hair clips decoration

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Rejoice for the unused buttons that you keep!! Now you can give them a new life as decoration for hair clips. With this easy how to make project, each of your hair clips is unique according to buttons that you used, vintage buttons looks marvelous.  It’s a great way to recycle your unused and vintage buttons to something more beautiful and wearable. You can make them as additions to your hair accessories or put it inside a gift box, which is perfect for present to your family and friends. Below is how to make your own vintage buttons hair clip with lace and tulle decoration:

Materials and tools you need:

  • Collections of your unused or vintage buttons
  • Lace of your choice
  • Tulle
  • Felt
  • Hair pins
  • Craft glue
  • Thread and needle


  • Cut a small piece of lace and tulle. The tulle should be cut a bit longer than the size of the lace.Gather the lace with your fingers to make a small fan shape, and then sew the end of the gathered lace to shape it. Gather the tulle and sew it with thread in the middle.
  • Next, attach the lace to the tulle. The lace position is the middle of the tulle; secure the lace with thread by sewing them. Place your buttons in the middle on top of the lace and sew it in. it will look like a mini corsage.
  • Cut 2 small oval shaped of felt for each hair pins. Sew the first felt piece on the middle at the back of your tulle-lace-button corsage.
  • After that, insert the second felt piece inside your hair pin. Make sure the felt piece is positioned fairly under the hair pin.
  • Dab craft glue on the felt piece in the hair pin. Attach your mini button corsage’s felt piece with the glued felt. Let your decorated hair pin to dry.

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