Turning buttons into Christmas ornaments

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Buttons are not only be used as for sewing, you can create unique and marvelous Christmas ornaments with the touch of your own. You can use colorful and many different material of buttons as you wish. This is a good project for buttons that you keep from unused shirts or trousers. Vintage or unique buttons that you can find or save in your stash can be reuse to add glamour or memory to your Christmas ornaments. Whenever you find that your buttons are not suffice or not in the right color, you can find them at craft stores. Most of the buttons sells in bagful so it’s easy if you want to do lots of ornaments. Instead of doing this project alone, ask your children to help you out. The children will find this buttons ornaments making is fun and each of the ornaments will also be unique with their touches. Here how to make:

Materials and tools

  • Needle –nose pliers (or wire cutters)
  • Cooper wire (size 16-gauge) or green floral wire (size 22-gauge)
  • Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons


  • Make a small loop at one end of the wire by using pliers. Cut your wire with wire cutters according to how big you want your buttons wreath is.
  • Insert buttons onto the wire until you have enough to create the size of wreath you desire.
  • Follow your own creativity on the arrangements of the buttons color and type of materials.
  • To form the wreath, curve the plain end of the wire around the looped end by using pliers.
  • To hang the buttons wreath, you can use the ribbon. What you do is tie the ribbon in a neat knot about 3 inches above the wreath.
  • Now you can hang your buttons wreath as ornaments for your Christmas tree.

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