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During Christmas celebrations, it is important for us to provide gifts for our love ones and show them how much that we love them with a lovely gift wrapped in a very nice way. In other words, with a beautiful wrapping, the recipient will feel that he or she is special to you and make them more excited to open their gift. Below is an example for wrapping perfect gifts during this festive season but the main thing to remember is measuring the paper accordingly in order for you to produce neatly folded ends and delivers an elegant look to the gifts.

What you need:

  1. Gift wrapping paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape
  4. Ribbon
  5. A gift box


  1. First of all, you need to choose a medium-weight gift wrap which is large enough to cover your gift box item with extra inches to spare for folding purposes. If you use a thin and inexpensive wrapping paper, it can easily be crumple and tear during your wrapping task. As for premium papers, although they are beautiful, you could be having difficult time to work with because of its heavy weight and also resistant to the adhesive of general-purpose tape.
  2. You need to place the wrapping paper face-down on the table and put the gift item at the centre of the paper. Fold the paper around the sides of the box and if it is rectangular, this bottom seam of the wrapping needs to run along the length of the box. Then, make a mark on the location where the paper overlaps itself with a pencil by about an inch or more. After that, slide the box to the location that you have marked. Use the box as edge for your guidance in cutting the paper in a straight line.
  3. Then, you will have to move the box in place and make sure it is centred, fold the paper at one end of the box.
  4. After that, wrap the paper back around the sides of the box enabling the edges to meet at the bottom of it, in the centre. Using one of the original of the paper, you have to position it as the top layer for a crisp, straight line. Then you have to secure the seam in the centre using a small piece of tape.
  5. By holding the box firmly in place, you need to fold the sides of the paper against the edges of the box completely, at both ends of the box, thus keeping the box centered always. For the bottom seam which is still facing upwards, you will have to fold down the upper flaps and then crease the paper against the edge of the box. Next, fold the lower flaps and then secure the flaps with tape.
  6. To make the give even more beautiful, wrap a ribbon around the box lengthwise and continue from that spot on the ribbon to wrap an additional ribbon width-wise. After that, you need to tie the ribbon at the centre and then tie a bow before cutting it.
  7. Finally, use a gift tag where you can thread it through the end of the ribbon before you tie the bow.

Now, your beautiful present is ready to be put under the Christmas tree waiting for you to give it to your beloved one.

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