Creating your own Christmas wreaths

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Creating one’s own creative Christmas Wreath for the festive season will definitely spruce up the atmosphere either in your living room or in front of your entrance door. With your creativity in designing the Candy Coated wreath, it will definitely looks like a real candy making every one who looks at it really want to eat it. Example given below is a decoration for Christmas wreath which consist of assorted miniature fruit, berries, and mint candy canes glisten with a “candy coating” of diamond dust. Doing this will remind us of our childhood days.

Creating a Candy Coated Christmas Wreath:
What you need:

  1. Small artist\’s paintbrush
  2. 54 pieces artificial fruit on wire picks
  3. White craft glue
  4. Diamond dust or opalescent glitter
  5. 2 stems red berries
  6. 2 dozen plastic candy canes
  7. Artificial pine wreath, 14 inches
  8. Hot glue gun, glue sticks


  1. First of all you need to use a small artist\’s paintbrush, coat each piece of fruit with glue. Sprinkle a little bit of diamond dust over fruit pieces to make it look glitter. Repeat the above process on the red berries and candy canes. After that you need to let it all dry overnight.
  1. Then, you need to shape the evergreen wreath by pulling out and fluffing branches.
  1. Take your 3 pieces of different fruit together and twist them into a cluster. Then, place the fruit clusters into the wreath. Then, twist the stems of fruit clusters into branches of the wreath. Continue doing the same task around wreath until it is full and covered the whole wreath.

Cluster the fruit together in groups of 3 and place them on the wreath

  1. Cut each berry stem into 5 pieces or what ever number that you preferred; each piece should have about 5 berries. Then you need to glue the berry stems into the wreath and spread the berries according to your liking throughout wreath.

Glue the berry stems spread out throughout the wreath

  1. After you have finished with the berries, you proceed with the candy canes. You need to also glue the candy canes into the wreath at an angle so that they will stick out from the fruits and berries. This is to enable the candy cane to be seen and look nice on the wreath.

Glue the candy canes onto wreath so that they stick out
With just a few imaginative ideas, you have already made a colourful and delicious look self made Christmas wreath of your own without the need to purchase a new one. It will certainly look good when display on the mantel in the living room or even hang it on which ever door that you preferred, either on the bedroom door or the entrance door to your house. This self made wreath can also be a gift to your family members who are not staying with you or for your friends.

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