Making Perler Bead Christmas Ornaments

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There are so many types of beads in the crafting market. One type of the beads is called Perler Beads. The Perler Beads is a circle base bead with different colors and type materials available. The beads are not expensive and affordable in price. You can find them in most craft store, Wallmart and Toys ‘R’ Us. The beads can be use o make Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree. This is a great project to be done with your children or as family Christmas decoration project. You can even make batches of these not only as Christmas ornaments but also as key chains for Christmas gift. Below are the instructions and materials you need to make it:


  • Perler beads with circle base. (Usually comes in set with a waxy paper)
  • Square base form with characters of your choice
  • Thin string
  • A sharp pointed pencil or safety pin
  • Iron

How to make it

  • Arrange the Perler beads in your preferred shape. Create according to your imaginations and creativity.
  • Arrange the beads on the form. Then, cover it with a waxy paper. Place and iron on the waxy paper and iron for a couple of seconds.
  • Next, take off the beads from the form. While it is still warm, make a hole by poking the top with a sharp pencil or safety pins. If you doing this with your children make sure you do it by your own for safety.
  • Insert the string through and tie a knot on top of the Perler beads ornaments for hanging. You can also add glamour to your ornaments by gluing sequins or glitters. If you want to make them as Christmas gift, just string in onto the Perler beads ornaments and tie in a loop onto the key ring.

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